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Friendship Association Portugal – Japan is a free association, without political motives or party that accepts, respects and supports the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

It aims to strengthen the ties of friendship between Portugal and Japan, promoting the exchange between the two countries.

Formed in 1981, has developed since then, intensive work to disseminate Japanese culture with the Portuguese on the one hand, and on the other, create schemes that support and facilitate the integration of newcomers Japanese Portugal to come live in our country.

Collaborate with us – With the aim of all we take more and better information about Japan, its culture and its experience, we seek employees, volunteers, to help us gather quality information for publication on our website. We seek support in several areas: cinema, anime, manga, several areas of Japanese culture, sports, history, arts, architecture, etc. If you are interested in helping in any of these areas, please feel free to contact us by e-mail geral.aapj@gmail.com or 926 676 218.


Know our responsible

Prof. º Luís Santos

Estudos Orientais
Dr º José Duarte - consulting Business aapj

Dr º José Duarte

Mercado Asiático

Dr º Vasco Duarte

Publicidade e WebDesign

Dr ª Maria de Lurdes

Directora da Secção Cultural
presidente de direcção da associção amizade portugal japão

Dr º João Ribeiro

Presidente da Direcção