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Japanese Restaurants Washaku

Japanese Restaurants Washaku

The interest in Japanese cuisine has led to the opening of many restaurants, more Japanese than others. The AAPJ considers normal for the economic agents to the general public the proposals they see fit, and may go through these restaurants Japanese-inspired, not necessarily convey a taste experience, environment and typically Japanese interaction.

Within the scope of its dissemination activities of the Japanese culture, AAPJ asked experts in Japan who know their culture and their customs, support to help its members and friends to identify which restaurants in Portugal allow, whom the frequent, have a fairly reliable experience of a Japanese meal in an environment that could take place in Japan. in a more simple way, restaurants whose characteristics allow a relatively reliable gastronomic experience of a meal and environment possible to find in Japan.
These are the restaurants we recommend, do not know all the Japanese restaurants in Portugal, of course, but we know well those who recommend and increasingly will know more!
Stay tuned because we will seek regularly present our new findingsLook for this symbol!

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