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White Day



If Valentine’s Day is a celebration adopted by the Japanese, the White Day or White Day, it is a fully Japanese construction. It is celebrated a month after Valentine’s Day on 14 March. This day was created in the 70s of the twentieth century, the National Association of Industry of confectionery in Japan in order to provide a specific day for the response to gifts received in Valentine Day.

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The color chosen for this day also carries a meaning. the white color was chosen to represent the type of pure and genuine love, a sweet teenage love, and also for being the color of the sugar.

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Another custom of this day is to offer a gift that is a little more expensive than received. Two to three times is expected. Even if you received an honmei-choco and do not share the feeling, it is expected of men offer something to those who gave them this special kind of chocolate. Usually in these cases perhaps white chocolates as a symbol of friendship. If you share the same feeling candy or cookies are usually offered.

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Of course, what really matters is not the price of gifts, but the feelings that a person puts on them. So this White Day whatever they do, show your feelings for your loved one.

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