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Martial arts

Martial arts

aapj - associação nacional de Bushido Portugal

National Association of Bushido Portugal

We have a wide range of services based on martial arts and Japanese traditional culture.

We provide services to clubs, associations, federations and companies in general, as well as directly to martial artists who have curiosity to know more deeply the culture and traditional values Japanese.



associação Bugei Portugal - aapj

Bugei Portugal

Study and promote the traditional samurai culture of Japan and build bridges with the Portuguese culture.


aapj - associação nacional de Bugei Portugal Japão

Kokusai Bugei Kessha

The Kokusai bugei Kessha is an entity that aims to preserve and teach the traditional Japanese Martial Arts Developing a spirit of camaraderie and understanding, accepting all kinds of ideologies without discriminations as to gender:. Ethnicity, sex, religion, nationality between … others.


aapj - karate kobudo wokka

Karate Wokka & Kobudo Association

If you are looking for Martial Arts Tardicionais based on concepts of respect, loyalty, honor and brotherhood, this is the exact place for you!

The Kiichi Goals Nakamoto Handshi and Kyoshi Jaime Pereira in teaching Karate are to spread the teachings of Hanshi Eiichi Miya Azato, both in technical terms but also in intellectual terms, not only for the purpose of producing champions but also with the purpose of developing and guide Karateka of all ages and their journey before the long and true way of Karate and preserveração Miyagi Chojun Okinawa Goju Ry.


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