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Literature and Poetry

Literature and Poetry


Held on 23 September in Lisbon, the celebration of the Japanese party Tsukimi- contemplation of the first autumn moon. The program consisted of a dining Japanese cuisine at the Hotel Altis Belém. Present were 28 participants including the President of the Association of Friendship Portugal-Japan (AAPJ). After dinner gifts went to the Japanese Garden which was made by Prof. David Rodrigues, board member of AAPJ a short introduction to the moment that marked and haiku poetry. Participants then had half an hour for strolling beside the Tagus write some poetry haiku. These poems were then alloys for the group and commented.

Here are some of these poems as well as some photos:

Autumn Moon:

all clouds

pull away
moon velvety
the silence of the night

The wind
in my tears

the moon is near you
do not worry

A spirit:
The Moon by
behind the rain


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