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Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day


Valentine’s Day or Valentines Day is a global phenomenon and it is clear that Japan has its version. As in other celebrations, Japan adopted it and adapted it to their society. What for us is a day for lovers and also married, demonstrate their love in Japan, Valentine’s Day has other aspects.

aapj - dia dos namorados

Cards, and maybe some flowers, common in our country, are replaced by chocolates. This is thanks, in part, the major campaigns of chocolate producers, who can on Valentine’s Day, make more than half of its annual revenue. But perhaps think, “We also offer chocolate on Valentine’s Day, which it has special?” Well, on Valentine’s Day in Japan only girls offer chocolates.

aapj dia dos namonarados no Japão

And the chocolates vary in meaning. Girls offer 3 types of chocolate: the giri-choco, the tomo-choco-choco and honmei. The giri-choco chocolate is offered to your friends or colleagues, is an offer of friendship, such as tomo-choco, offering to their friends or colleagues. Already honmei-choco is chocolate that any guy want to receive on Valentine’s Day. It is the chocolate that the girl gives the boy who really likes. And in this case, the most popular are the homemade chocolates.

aapj dia dos namorados no japão

If you think the boys are safos to offer something, think again. A month later, the ホ ウ ア イ ト デ ー or White Day on March 14, they have the opportunity to reciprocate the chocolates greeted with more chocolate. If you are chocolate lovers like us, dating in Japan is a dream!

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