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Christmas in Japan

Christmas in Japan

メ リ ー ク リ ス マ ス, or Merry Christmas in Portuguese, is the phrase most heard by this time in Japan. But in Japan Christmas is essentially a romantic party for lovers reaffirm their feelings! Children are also eager for their gifts! Instead of turkey or cod, the Christmas dish is the chicken! The typical cake is not the King, with toast and beans, but the ク リ ス マ ス ケ ー キ, Christmas cake with strawberries and whipped cream.

aapj - natal no Japão
Since the illuminations compete with any other country that celebrates Christmas. Everything is illuminated with thousands of lights, from shops to Tokyo Tower. Of course, for lovers can be no more romantic setting! Christmas cake also helps, as it is not large, great for the diet girlfriend!
The chicken is not much help. But if it’s for a special occasion, just once a year, no problem, especially for fast-food chains that sell chicken!

aapj - fast food no natalAlthough not an official holiday in Japan, is a cheerful and romantic time. So if you’re dating and in Japan, or Japanese’re dating someone, our advice is, do not forget Christmas! with lights, cake and chicken there is no way not to have a romantic evening.

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