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書道 – Shodo – Calligraphy

折り紙 – Origami  – The art of paper folding

生け花 – Ikebana – Flower arrangements

俳句 – Haiku – Japanese poetry

風呂敷 – Furoshiki – Wrapping art with Pano

茶道 – Chanoyu – Tea Ceremony

墨絵 – Sumié – Tea Ceremony

漫画 – Manga – Comics made in the Japanese style

劇場 – Teatro Noh

盆栽 – Bonsai – A vessel tree

寿司 – Sushi – Japanese cuisine dish

コスプレKosupure – Cosplay

In order to achieve its objectives, the Association will promote the following activities:

  • Disclosure of the cultures of both countries, particularly through television and radio, exchange of materials, books, short films, opening art exhibitions, exchange of artists and sportsman;
  • Lectures or book publications on the history of cultural and economic relations between countries;
  • Disclosure of the Japanese language in Portugal, through the collaboration of government agencies of both countries;
  • Exchange of professors, scholars, technicians and students from both countries;
  • Other activities necessary to achieve the purposes of this Association.

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